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A great day for all Ugandan People:
9th of October 1962:
Independence Day
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Independence Stamp


The values, aims and objectives of the Party based on social-democratic principles
shall be:

2.1 Unity
To build the Republic of Uganda as one country with one people, one national Parliament and one national Government.

2.2 Sovereignty
To defend the independence and sovereignty of the Republic of Uganda and
maintain peace and tranquillity and to defend and preserve the Constitution of Uganda

2.3 Democracy
To organise the Party in such a way as to enable the people to participate in framing the destiny of our country.

2.4 Social and Political Development.
To fight relentlessly against poverty, ignorance, disease, neo-colonialism,
imperialism and oppression of any nature.

2.5 Economy
To plan Uganda’s economic development in such a way that the public sector, private sector, workers, peasants and farmers, through the cooperative movement, commerce and industry will effectively contribute to increased production and wealth thus raising people’s welfare and the standard of living in the country.

2.6 Rights, Freedoms and Liberties
To protect without discrimination based on race, colour, sex or religion, every person living in Uganda and enable all people to enjoy the fundamental rights, freedoms and liberties of the individual in regard to:-

(1) Life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice;

(2) Right not to be tortured or subjected to any cruel and unusual or
inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment;

(3) Equality before and under the law, equal opportunities for all and the
right to equal protection and benefit of the law without discrimination
based on race, nationality or ethnic or tribal origin, colour, religion,
sex, age, or mental or physical disability;

(4) Rights to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure;

(5) Right not to be arbitrarily detained or imprisoned;

(6) Freedom of conscience, expression and religion;

(7) Freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media or communication;

(8) Freedom of peaceful assembly and association;

(9) Protection of privacy of one’s home, property and freedom from
deprivation of property without due compensation.

2.7 Equality and Equity
To fight for social justice, eliminate inequalities and ensure that no citizen of Uganda will enjoy any special privileges, status or title by virtue of birth, descent or heredity unless such privileges, status or title are entrenched in the Constitution of Uganda.

2.8 on interference with Rights and Freedoms of others
To ensure that in the enjoyment of one’s rights and freedoms, no person shall be allowed to interfere with or prejudice the rights and freedoms of others.

2.9 Cooperation and Relations
To support and affiliate with organisations, whether international or otherwise, whose values, aims, objectives and aspirations are consistent with those of the Party.

2.10 Gender issues.
(1) To support the cause of women’s emancipation and advancement by
mainstreaming and integrating women and women issues effectively
into the body fabric of the Party and Party leadership;

(2) To support and advance gender equity and equality in the Party programmes, structures, decision making process, economic and social activities;

(3) To relentlessly advocate for the rights and cause of women nationally
and internationally.

2.11 Rights of the Child.
To support and promote the struggle for the rights of children.

2.12 Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
To support and promote the struggle for the rights of people with disabilities.

2.13 Conflict Resolution and World Peace.
To support and advance the cause of national and international conflict resolution, development, disarmament and world peace.

2.14 Environment Protection.
To protect the environment and promote environmentally sustainable development.

2.15 Good Governance and Ethics.
To relentlessly spearhead efficiency, transparency and accountability in governance and fight all forms of corruption.

2.16 Youth.
To develop, encourage and promote young men and women in leadership roles
and prepare them for governance of the country by mainstreaming and integrating them into the body fabric of the Party.

2.17 Political Power.
To compete for and acquire political power at all levels of government.

2.18 Other.
To do all other such things that are consistent with the Party’s values, aims and objectives.
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